Class Attendance

We strongly urge all of our clients to pre-register for classes through MINDBODY -OR- by telling us ahead of time so that we may do it for you. If you do not pre-register you may not have a spot available in that specific class. Especially for our equipment classes, there are only five (5) reformers available and many classes are full. Furthermore, our Instructors check registrations and reservations and if there is no one signed up for a given class, the Instructor may not be present at the studio.

  • If you are late to class (more than 10 minutes) it is up to the discretion of the Instructor as to whether you may participate. If the Instructor decides that it will be too disruptive for you to join then you will have to miss that class.
  • If you are not able to attend a class you are registered for or a scheduled private session, please cancel the class in MINDBODY -OR- contact us directly at least 12 hours prior to your scheduled class or private session. This allows the studio ample time to find another client who may want to join that class or reserve a private session. We understand that emergencies and last minute situations arise which prevent you from coming to the studio, but if you cancel less than 12 hours before your scheduled classes or private sessions frequently we will be forced to deduct it from your studio passes.
  • The Instructor will make every attempt to insure that everyone in attendance for a class can perform all the exercises. However, it is up to each individual client to monitor their own comfort and take breaks or avoid exercises as necessary or as directed by your medical professional.
  • Clients may choose to wear either grip socks or no socks (barefoot) when participating in classes or private sessions at the studio. We do not recommend regular socks as they may not provide enough traction, especially for balance oriented exercises on the reformers, MOTRs, or foam rollers.
  • Clients are expected to wipe down all of the equipment they use during their classes or private sessions using the spray bottles and paper towels provided.

Refunds and Pass Expiration

Blue Sky Pilates does not give refunds for purchases for any reasons. We do allow the transferring of unused passes and sessions to another active client or individual, but may refuse to do so at our own discretion.

Class and private session passes have a twelve (12) month effective date from time of purchase.

    Class Cancellations

    Blue Sky Pilates works very hard to prevent class cancellations. We will make every attempt to provide a substitute instructor for classes and private sessions.

    Weather: We follow the weather closure announcements of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Call their automated hotline at 505.667.6622 for the latest information.

    Where you can find out about Blue Sky Pilates class cancellations and schedule changes:

    • We announce class cancellations on our Twitter account @blue_skypilates. Follow us or you can check the home page of our website to see Twitter posts.
    • We update instructor changes and class cancellations in Mindbody Online. Log in to your account online, through the app, or check the home page of our website where we show the daily schedule.
    • For private sessions your Instructor will contact you by phone or email.


    Blue Sky Pilates observes all federal holidays and the studio will be closed. Individual instructors may at their own discretion schedule private Pilates sessions on federal holidays.

    Last updated October 3, 2017