Level Up: Alex Ignacio


Join us in congratulating Alex for leveling up! Here at Blue Sky Pilates our instructors are ranked according to their overall experience, based on their cumulative teaching record. Normally it takes quite a bit of time for an instructor to move from Level 1 to Level 2 but recently Alex Ignacio accumulated enough hours of teaching Pilates mat and reformer classes to make the jump. It's recognition for the hard work, effort, and time put into becoming a more knowledgeable and confident Pilates instructor.

What does it mean for our clients? In practical terms it means the fee for private sessions with Alex increases (see our "Schedule & Fees" page). However, we prepared for this as a studio by replacing Alex with Cinna and Lilia as Level 1 Instructors. So now our clients have many options for private sessions, with four different instructors at various fees and experience.

Level 1 Instructors

Cinna Boyle
Lilia Parish

Level 2 Instructor

Alex Ignacio

Level 3 Instructor

Lecie Langille

Alex's Teaching Record

That's a lot of Pilates

Pilates Incredible-ness

Scientifically proven
Alex Ignacio