Delicious Neighbors


Unbelievably yummy...

As told by Instructor Alex Ignacio:

I was sitting at the desk doing MINDBODY work on my laptop when the front door opened and the food truck guy from in front of our studio asked:

"You like beans?

I don't know of any bad conversation that ever started with that question. I immediately (you could say reflexively) said "Yes!" and he disappeared. A few minutes later he drops off a delicious bowl of goodness, with steam gently rising off of beans, cheese, red chile, pork, and more. Food prepared with care and love not only tastes amazing, but it "feels" better. And this surprise delivery made my morning and it was deeply appreciated.

But before I devoured the bowl I did my usual thing, grabbing my camera to take a photo and document the experience.

I highly recommend Don Villas Burritos! We've had several clients (and Lecie) attest to the overall tastiness. All of the ingredients are high quality, the chile is gluten-free, and every ingredient should be legit for anybody except for possibly the tortillas. But just inform them when you order and they'll take care of you.

Beyond that, we appreciate the positive energy they bring to the complex. Don Villas Burritos is straightening up the front area, doing landscaping, and making it look clean and inviting. They have offered to help us move our "Blue Sky Pilates" sign to maintain its street visibility and have been kind and considerate neighbors.

I'm not exactly sure how Joseph Pilates would have felt about "Pilates + burritos" but something tells me he would have been a big fan.

Alex Ignacio