MINDBODY: Setting up "Favorites"


MINDBODY is an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use smartphone app. It allows you to manage your account with Blue Sky Pilates, as well as many other fitness studios and gyms (if you also have MINDBODY accounts at other businesses). One of the first things you should do as a client of Blue Sky Pilates is to add our studio to your "Favorites", making it quick and easy to access our schedule, register for classes, and even purchase more passes. The video above shows how to accomplish this, demonstrating in the MINDBODY app using an iPhone (the process is very similar on Android smartphones).

  1. Make sure you have the MINDBODY app on your smartphone, which you can download here: get.mndbdy.ly/s1ud/DruI9Esmxx 
  2. Open the MINDBODY app
  3. Tap the search icon (the magnifying glass in the top corner)
  4. Type "Blue Sky Pilates" in the search bar
  5. Tap "Search"
  6. Tap the Blue Sky Pilates listing in the search results
  7. On the Blue Sky Pilates page tap the heart icon above at the top of the page above the studio's name
  8. Tap "Home"
  9. Now from the MINDBODY Home page you can tap "Favorites" (either in the menu bar at the bottom or at the top right of the screen) to quickly get to your Blue Sky Pilates account
mindbodyAlex Ignacio