Intro to Pilates

New clients of Blue Sky Pilates go through either our Intro to Pilates package or our new Group Intro to Pilates session. Both introduce you to the basics of Pilates, our studio, our methods, and all of our equipment.

The Intro to Pilates package consists of three 45-minute private sessions scheduled at your convenience with our instructors. A wonderful option for those that want to move at their own pace, have specific issues or limitations, or want a personalized experience.

The Group Intro to Pilates session is held one Saturday morning per month. You will learn everything from the regular Intro to Pilates package in one two-hour session with 2-4 other people. A more affordable option that's perfect for those with challenging schedules, with more flexibility on the weekends, or are simply eager to join our regular classes.

*All Blue Sky Pilates clients are required to create accounts with Mindbody Online, the app we use for managing our studio. You may register yourself here or contact us and we will happily assist you.

* You must register for the Group Intro to Pilates AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the class.



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