You have been specifically chosen by Lecie and Alex to fill out this questionnaire (if you so choose) and be a Blue Sky Pilates Featured Client. We want to share with the wider community engaging stories about some of our amazing clients. You are part of what makes Blue Sky Pilates a wonderful studio, and we want to attract more people just like you.

If you prefer, you can download the questionnaire as a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe PDF (click the icons below), print it out, provide handwritten answers, and bring it to the studio.

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Many clients have shared powerful stories about how Pilates has helped them become pain free, or helped them recover from ailments or surgeries, or regain their strength and confidence. Do you have something similar to share?
Many things have changed since Lecie and Alex took over Blue Sky Pilates. What have you noticed?
Most clients have had the opportunity to work with both Lecie and Alex. Do you enjoy their classes? Have they helped you in any specific ways?
Lecie and Alex are working hard to cultivate the absolute best Pilates studio they possibly can. What do you think of when you consider Blue Sky Pilates? What would you like to see change?
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