Questions & Answers



What is Pilates?

Pilates is a unique system of exercises designed to improve and enhance your overall strength, flexibility, alignment, and mental well being. Created by Joseph Pilates in the early 19th century, Pilates has since evolved into a very popular form of exercise offering men and women of all ages and ability a supportive method for working out.

How is Pilates different from X?

Pilates provides a very different workout compared to other activities like cross training, cardio, and strength training. Using specialized equipment, Pilates utilizes smooth controlled movements that strengthens your core. The exercises promote structural alignment as well as mental focus and concentration.

And from a lifestyle perspective, many of our clients appreciate being able to get an intense workout without sweating profusely. After their sessions they can quickly freshen up and go about their day.

Who should do Pilates?

Truly anybody! We are proud to have an interesting and varied client base:

  • Young dancers and performance athletes seeking to maximize their athletic potential.
  • People in physical therapy or recovering from surgeries and procedures.
  • Busy individuals trying to get back into shape.
  • Older retirees seeking to maintain and improve their overall health.

Pilates is the perfect compliment to the other physical activities you participate in. Whether you do weight lifting, cross training, running, hiking, skiing, dancing, or anything else, Pilates will help you become better at it.

What if I've never done Pilates?

We all start somewhere! Blue Sky Pilates offers an Intro to Pilates program. You'll learn about the history and benefits of Pilates, work with our amazing instructors, become familiar with all of our equipment, and decide which classes to join.

Under special circumstances new clients with extensive previous Pilates experience may be exempt from the Intro to Pilates program. Requires permission from the Head Instructor.

Is Pilates similar to yoga?

Pilates and yoga share many characteristics. A focus on breath and breathing, a belief in a whole body approach to the mind/body connection, and more. And typically, those that enjoy yoga enjoy Pilates and vice versa. However, Pilates core principles focus on physical and mental well being without a spiritual aspect. There are similar movements, and yoga and Pilates on a mat can appear the same. But Pilates also involves specialized equipment to enhance the exercises.

What is a reformer?

It may look like a medieval torture table, but we promise it's a magical machine that you'll love. Joseph Pilates invented and built the predecessor to the modern reformer. An apparatus designed to be both supportive and challenging, the reformer allows you to target every part of your body with unique exercises. Resistance is controlled with various springs and there are numerous ways to interact with and configure the reformer to achieve your goals. Blue Sky Pilates uses top-of-the-line reformers from Balanced Body.

What is Pilates mat?

Think you need anything besides your own body to get an incredible workout? Try one of our Pilates mat classes. Pilates has exercises designed specifically for doing on the floor with nothing more than yourself and a mat. These 45 minute sessions will take you through a range of exercises and movements, strengthening your core and improving your entire body. Pilates mat classes are affordable, there are lots of available classes, our instructors are amazing, and you can do the workouts at home, work, or while traveling.

What is MOTR?

The MOTR is a fascinating piece of equipment. Compact, portable, and frankly fun to use, the MOTR is a "gym-in-a-tube". Capable of providing challenging and diverse workouts, MOTRs can mimic numerous things, including free weights, exercise machines, reformers, and more. Blue Sky Pilates MOTR classes are very popular, with every workout improving your strength, coordination, and balance. And our MOTR classes are the same price as our mat classes, giving you the option for variety with an inexpensive equipment class.

How do I join Blue Sky Pilates?

It's really easy! You can contact us, stop by the studio, or self register to create your personal account with Blue Sky Pilates. Then, you can sign up for our Intro to Pilates package. This will help you get familiar with our studio, our methods, and all of our equipment. Then you will have the ability to register for any of our classes and/or private sessions with our instructors.